Provisioning for a month

That’s what about 2/3 of the provisions for four for a month aboard looks like, well, 2.5-3 weeks anyway.

Mom and I did the big provisioning run Wednesday for groceries, minus fresh produce, which Dave & I will pick up on the way to the boat Saturday. It’s not like we’ll be in the boondocks, so we don’t have to worry about provisioning everything for the entire month. We stocked up on a bunch of non-perishable foods, and meat for a significant number of meals, which Dave portioned, vacuum sealed and put in our deep freezer at home. He’s hoping to catch some fish along the way, and there will be some meals ashore.

The mess of food pictured above has since been sorted and bagged, and is sitting on our living room floor waiting to go aboard Friday, along with the meats, since our onboard freezer is now down to temperature. Of course, the pile has grown since yesterday, as we continue to add things, and more will be added before we head over tomorrow morning. Then we have to make space for it all!

Preparing for the Shakedown Cruise

Those of you who know me well, already know about our plan to live aboard our solar electric catamaran, Indigo Lady, in the Caribbean, starting the spring of 2019. For those of you who know me less well, or who have just stumbled upon this new blog, I’ll provide some back story in future posts this summer. In order keep those of you already “in the know” apprised of our progress, and to get this blog up and running before our shake down cruise starts this coming weekend, I’m starting this blog in real time.

We plan on spending the entire month of July cruising up the coast of Maine into Penobscot Bay as far as Vinal Haven and North Haven to dub around and explore that area. This trip serves a couple of functions. It’s part vacation, part shakedown cruise for Indigo Lady’s new solar electric systems, and a trial for living aboard for an extended period of time. Our maximum time aboard to date has been only 12 days, and we plan to more than double that this time, weather permitting of course.

Our preparations are twofold- a month aboard this summer, and looking to the future when we live aboard her in the Caribbean for several months at a time, starting next spring. So it’s kind of like moving into a new house- we need to buy a lot of stuff that we actually like to replace the cheap stuff she came with when we bought her out of the charter business. So the past couple of weeks have involved a lot of online research (what’s the best…”x”?) and shopping, both online and in real stores. Shout out to my MMSA peeps who presented me with a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card when I retired earlier this month- it made a huge dent, THANKS!!!

So our house pretty much has stuff on every surface, as evidenced by the photos, waiting to be taken to the boat. Not to mention all the stuff that has already been moved aboard. And every time we check something off the to-do list, two more items get added. Last night we talked with my folks about places we want to visit (did I mention my folks are joining us on this July excursion?), so it’s getting exciting! Mom & I do the grocery run in a couple of days . That will likely be the topic of my next post later this week. What do provisions for four for a month look like? Stay tuned…..


…and more stuff!