Seguin Island and more

It’s another overcast and foggy day and we’re in transit, so I’ll write about something pleasant to keep me from being grumpy 😉. This is a long entry. If it’s dreary where you are too, settle in someplace cozy with a hot beverage and enjoy 😊.

Sequin Island

We went to Seguin after Damariscove. The lighthouse and Island are under the stewardship of the Friends of Seguin Island Light (FOSIL). We were fortunate to pick up the last of the 6 moorings in the cove, because no anchoring is allowed due to the underwater cables that feed power to the now automated lighthouse. It was a beautiful, sunny day (and I was finally feeling better). We waited to go ashore a bit, hoping to get a better mooring further away from the rocks, which we eventually did. Early afternoon a little fog washed over the island sending about half the people ashore scurrying for their boats to head home (Seguin is only a couple of miles off Popham Beach). So we picked up one of their moorings, the fog blew away, and we had a lovely, sunny walk on the island, a look through the tiny museum in the old light keeper’s house, and a tour of the lighthouse itself, courtesy of the caretaker, Mary, who lives with her husband in the other half of the light keeper’s duplex, formerly the assistant light keeper’s quarters. They volunteer here from May-August.

This lighthouse has an original 1st order Fresnel lens (four people could fit inside!), still in use, weighing in the vicinity of 1.5-2 tons! It was almost lost in the 1980s when the Coast Guard was directed to chuck it into the ocean so it could be replaced with modern electronics. A local man who knew its history, managed to get that halted and FOSIL formed and took stewardship of it. A 1000 W halogen bulb was fitted inside and it continues to light the waters at night. The views from the lighthouse and from the entire island are stunning!

When we finally returned to Lady we were the only boat left in the cove! It was just us and the (noisy) gulls for the night.

The Basin

The fog rolled in for real that night leaving the boat wet in the AM, like after a rain. We headed for The Basin in Phippsburg, off the New Meadows River. With winds from the east, the first part of the ride was bumpy, until we rounded the point to head up river, then it smoothed out, but it did rain. The rain stopped before we got to The Basin, but it was too overcast and wet to go ashore for a walk (it’s all wooded and field trails). But we did enjoy a quiet, still night there. It was still overcast in the AM, but the boat was dry and it was sort of warm, so we could be out in the cockpit at least. We headed out shortly after breakfast for The Goslings in Middle Bay on the west side of Harpswell Neck.

The Goslings

It was a very foggy, bumpy ride with seas 6-8 feet! Poor Dave & Dad. When we finally rounded Harpswell Neck it calmed and the fog was less thick. We bought lobsters fresh off a lobster boat and arrived safely at the Goslings where we picked up a mooring. Then the sun came out! We had a lovely afternoon and went for a walk at low tide when the sandbar is exposed between east & west Gosling and you can walk between the two. When we returned to Lady, I donned my swimsuit and took a bath and did my hair in the ocean followed by a gloriously warm freshwater rinse in the stern. The boys scrubbed the growth off the hulls then did their bath & rinse. We got to sit in the cockpit for dinner. Delightful!

Tuesday was overcast, but dry and sort of warm. We enjoyed a pre-lunch walk around East Gosling, and after lunch went back at low tide to walk the sand bar again, watch the hermit crab activity, and skip stones. Dave taught me a better technique and I’m getting pretty good at it now! Dinner was inside this time, because the fog rolled in early evening. It soaked the boat overnight, too. We left just after breakfast for the short jaunt to South Freeport Harbor.

Then we arrived and I didn’t have time to finish this post. We arrived safely, went ashore for some shopping and lunch, then made use of the showers at at Brewer’s Marina (we’re on their mooring). Now I’m waiting contentedly to transfer our laundry to the dryer because Brewers also has laundry facilities-yay!

Dave offered to bring me back to the boat, but I’m not so secretly enjoying my time ashore in this clean, dry, not sticky guest facility. There’s my timer. Time to move the laundry 😉.

Author: Indigo Lady

I am a retired educator married to a retired chemist/engineer/educator. We will be living aboard our solar electric catamaran for as long as possible.

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