Vermin Update

Dave went back to Lady Saturday morning to check on our rodent problem. He found a trap sprung in a different cabin. At this point he was worried that it was something bigger than a mouse, so he started searching the cabin thoroughly and noticed a little, quivering brown ball of fur on the floor in a corner. So he grabbed a nearby rag and scooped up the critter. He had no way to get it ashore, so he tossed it overboard. When it hit the water it started paddling, and it was then that he realized it was a flying squirrel! Well that explains how it got aboard. We’ll never know for sure whether it glided from shore landing on the boat directly, or if it landed in the water or on our our dock and then scurried aboard on the lines. I’m pretty sure after this traumatic experience, it won’t be returning.

Rodent was last seen swimming toward shore. I hope the little thing made it 🙂

Author: Indigo Lady

I am a retired educator married to a retired chemist/engineer/educator. We will be living aboard our solar electric catamaran for as long as possible.

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